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Engagement Sessions

Welcome to our engagement sessions, where style and fun take center stage! At our sessions, we’re all about capturing those precious moments as you embark on your journey to marriage. Your experience is all about genuine authenticity, where you and your partner can freely express yourselves, laughter and love flowing naturally. Our photography seamlessly weaves together the art of documentary and traditional styles, resulting in unforgettable memories. We carefully select locations that mirror your unique personalities, providing you with a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere. Your engagement session becomes the canvas for your love story, an unforgettable experience where you’re free to be yourselves. Join us in crafting timeless memories filled with style and fun!

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Hi, I'm Bernard & its awesome to meet you!

Creating unforgettable moments for couples is my passion, especially when it comes to engagement sessions. It’s all about embracing the joy of the present while being at ease with the camera.


This is your canvas, an opportunity for pure authenticity, goofy smiles, and cherished moments with your partner.


Why do couples choose to work with me for their engagement sessions? It’s because I’m not just a photographer; I’m the guide on your journey. I’m here to support you, ensuring that each step unfolds seamlessly. My ideal clients are those with busy lives, and they greatly value clarity in their photography sessions.


Transparency is key, so there are no unexpected surprises or hidden costs.


Now, let’s talk about my photography style. I seamlessly blend documentary and traditional photography to capture the heart of your story. However, what truly excites me are those candid, genuine moments, where you and your partner share heartfelt laughter and love, where you’re at your most relaxed and authentic.


Locations are my canvas. I carefully select scenes that mirror your personalities. I don’t believe in stiff poses from every angle; I’m all about creating moments that deeply resonate with you.


Your engagement session is a beautiful chapter in your love story, and I’m here to make it extraordinary. My commitment is to capture the moments that mean the most to you and ensure that your session unfolds exactly as you’ve envisioned. Together, we’ll craft timeless memories

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Engagement / Couples Session


    •    Consultation: We start with a vision discussion to align on your preferences.
   •    Location Scouting: I’ll find ideal settings to reflect your personalities.
   •    Photography Styles: My blend of styles captures your love authentically.
   •    Candid Moments: Expect genuine interactions and moments of joy.
   •    Outfit Tips: I’ll guide you on what to wear for comfort and style.
   •    High-Res Images: Receive a selection of top-quality digital photos.
   •    Online Gallery: Access a private gallery to view and download your pictures.


    •    Fun & Relaxation: Enjoy a relaxed session filled with laughter.
   •    Authentic Moments: Candid shots that reflect your love connection.
   •    Beautiful Backdrops: Explore picturesque locations of your choice.
   •    Professional Direction: Guidance for your natural interactions.
   •    Stress-Free: Seamless experience from start to final images.
   •    Memories Preserved: Keep beautiful images to cherish and share.

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